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About Us

"KonturStoryGroup" is a non-business group that successfully works at the Russian construction engineering market. Our group consists of "Kontur"—design organization, "KIT la Cross"—general contract, "Rem-Stroyinvest"—real estate development company, and "New Technologies" company that fulfils particular kinds of work.

Each partner of the "KonturStroyGroup" concern exists not a single year at the construction engineering market, and each single company successfully develops itself. We suppose that business mergers is the most effective way in stability raising and competitive advantage in economic depression conditions. More then that it is very important to unite your power for realization huge projects and for serious deal solutions. And if You do it on a long-term basis with the participation of reliable partners, it rapidly simplifies the problem of an upward movement to an absolutely new business level.

The first joint project was railway station building in Dubna town in Moscow province in 2002. Further joint effort showed the practicability of effort union. Due to that fact we took the decision of creating a united centre for cooperative service promotion our companies oblige.

It let us streamline our charges, raise finance stability, simplify the access to the information companies accumulated, solve questions quicker, make the work with the partners effective and simple at most.

Now we can offer full complex services to each partner, that greatly reduces his costs. Skilled specialists of our companies will always help You to choose suitable materials, provide necessary calculations, consult You in project questions.

The headquarters and part of divisions are situated in Moscow. Some divisions are in St. Petersburg, Dubna and Kurgan. This point helps us to solve questions strategically all over Russia.
We are ready for business cooperation with all organization structures.
We are ready to take part in all huge building projects.
We'll cut down your charges.

Our structure:


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