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"KIT la Cross"

Limited liability company "KIT la Cross" was founded in 1992. The main company profile is architectural design and civil and industrial construction.

During the existence of the organization more then 100 private residences and economy valuable objects were built and designed. The most significant projects are:

  • The building of suburb box offices at Dubna Station (Moscow Railways) with platform and landside area reconstruction
  • Low-rise residential complex "Taman" in Dubna town, Moscow region
  • Traiding-leasure time centre "Breez" in Dubna, Moscow region
  • City market in Dubna, Moscow region
  • Small-scale retailing market in Dubna
  • Reconstruction of entertainment complex "Yunost" in Dubna

Since its foundation the company took part in different regional, all-Russia and international competitions and exhibitions; it is the award winner of the international competition "PILAR-2007".

The top specialists undertook an internship in the USA, Turkey and China. The head of the company is a graduate of the Program of the Efficient Production.

The company has all necessary products for complex running of construction activity, starting with the newest instruments, machine-tools, production departments, heavy-duty equipment and finishing up with skilled engineers, architectures, designers and workers. The company has a huge background, is ready to fulfill orders of all kind, including all kinds of building work starting with in-situ reinforced concrete constructions and finishing up with architecture project realizations of any difficulty.

Chief Executive Officer LLC "KIT la Cross"                            Kordik V. I.

Our structure:


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