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LLC Architecture studio "Kontur" ( since 1998 till 2002 the enterprise was called "Arkon") was founded in 1998 as a result of long-term cooperation of different specialists from different flows, who worked in All-Union R&D Institute of Energy Technology.

For the last 10 years of work LLC Kontur showed itself as a reliable partner at the architecture market and also at the market of comprehensive building planning of civil and industrial value.

The base of the enterprise is composed of skilled specialists in the architecture planning sphere. They are also qualified professionals in general planning of buildings and constructions of civil and industrial purpose.

Specifity of the enterprise

The main specific character of the enterprise is the development of the urban planning documentation, building and construction of civil and industrial purpose design, starting from small private houses to modern mixed-use residential clusters, from small cafes to multipurpose shopping centers.

The characteristic feature of our enterprise is an custom-tailored approach to all clients. We use in designing new technologies and modern constructional materials. We study carefully all calculations that let us fulfill customer's requirements accurately, and this helps us to form the balance "price-quality" efficient. We aim at fixing full understanding with the customer, consider carefully the request and realize it professionally. Together with the customer we define necessary problems and find ideal ways of their best solution. We design on basis of conformity of form and plastic arts, icon and function, chosen style and possible ways of its realization.

During the process of designing we widely use new technologies, constructions and materials.

Our mission

We want to become the one designer for our customers. So they can cooperate easily and pleasantly with us! All our plans are for long-term prospects. We are sure in our possibilities and fully responsible for assuming assuming obligations.

The main features of our work:

  • High quality of designing
  • Umberella approach to problem solution
  • Observance of the business ethic principles
  • Constant professional growth

In our company:

  • Everybody who needs professional help of the architecture or designer will be listened carefully
  • Our managers will provide the very thing our customer needs for the realization of the project
  • Will provide high grade realization, technology and modern materials application in project decisions

Our values:

  • Quest for excellence and high quality
  • Respect to all customers, partners and opponents in business, workers of the company
  • Relations among the staff, built on the confidence, help and interest to each other

The successful work of our enterprise is based on:

  • Skilled specialists in the sphere of architectural and construction design working on a permanent basis
  • Modern material and technical base
  • Necessary licenses
  • Modern methods and design technologies

The enterprise does work on the following guidelines:

  • Urban planning documentation
  • Comprehensive building planning of civil and industrial value
  • Project planning of reconstructions, expansions and complete overhauls of objects for various application
  • The development of the interior style of accommodations for various application

Our credentials during the latest period we have successfully fulfilled:

  • the project of low-rise residential complex "Taman" in Dubna town, Moscow region
  • the project of suburb railway station in Dubna, Moscow region
  • the conception of building development of the Lebazhe lake in Dubna
  • the project of the railway station in Zheleznogorsk town, Kursk region
  • shopping center in Zheleznogorsk town, Moscow region
  • trading-leisure time center in Dubna, Moscow region
  • the project of low-rise residential complex "Akademichesky" in Dubna, Moscow region
  • the housing project of the central part of the 16th block in Sosnovy Bor town
  • the site design of the territory block 2B in Sosnovy Bor town

Our structure:


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