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Nowadays Rem-Stroyinvest engineering company is able to perform the complete set of building services:

  • Projecting;
  • Complex delivery;
  • Installation;
  • Programming, starting-up and adjustment;
  • Support manning.

Of the whole engineering systems' range.

RSI company entered the building services market in 2001 and has an experience of internal engineering systems' assemblage:

  • Water supply and outlet;
  • Heating and ventilation;
  • Electrical supply and lighting guard;
  • Automatic control and сonnection systems;
  • Complex fire prevention system.

RemStroyservice – is the united highly skilled team, able to perform an object of any level of complexity. This experience was gained co-working with first-rate Russian and foreign companies.

The material and technical basis has been formed during 8 years of fruitful work, which includes a lifting technology park allowing the third-parties independence in performing the operations by own means.

Our structure:


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